Rappers signed to 360 deals

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In short, a deal is exactly what it sounds like — the Label takes a percentage of numerous income streams recording, touring, merchandising, ancillary activities, fan club, etc.

Kreayshawn - 1 Million

The Label justifies this multi payment approach due to the fact that IF they break an Artist, they helped create all those income streams, therefore should be paid from those income streams accordingly. In a typical signing scenario i.

Artist in this scenario, know your points of leverage i. The United States, due to its large overall market share, will be the last to implement the SD. This model is commonplace within European territories. When a Label funds a full album production, it cost lots of money.


Major Money: Rappers Who Signed Million-Dollar Deals

The Label will likely push only a handful of those singles into the market place, and more so, those singles will be the primary investment breadwinner. Therefore the additional tracks that the Label funded become an investment bust. Instead of demanding 3 albums, a Label will now demand 36 singles. The distinction being, with 36 singles, the Label will select what they feel to be the strongest tracks to promote as opposed to 3 albums which may only contain 3 solid singles per album total of 9.

Further, what if you already have substantial existing sales? A licensing deal may be the way to acquire a Label partner.

8 Types of Record Deals

In short, you can license the album to a Label, which essentially means the Artist still owns the copyright. This is key. The scenario is most applicable if a previously unsigned Artist with large sales is offered a deal with a major. Do you release it and hope the release attracts a Label, or do you shop the album prior to releasing and hope a Label picks it up?

Rap Career That Are Getting Ruined By Record Label

Labels love this because their only real investment is on the marketing side due to the fact the Artist already funded the project. Profit splits allow Labels to evaluate Artists purely through a creative filter as opposed to a monetary filter.

If the release works, everyone shares equally. In most cases profit splits also allow for both sides to evaluate the partnership after a release, therefore nobody is locked into a long-term relationship. Shorterm flexible geared towards a longterm partner is the key for Artists. There are a growing number of Labels exploring private EP Deals.

Your Favorite Rapper is Poor: The Ins & Outs of 360 Deals & Artist Development

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Tech N9ne is the Best Rapper Alive

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rappers signed to 360 deals Rappers signed to 360 deals
rappers signed to 360 deals Rappers signed to 360 deals
rappers signed to 360 deals Rappers signed to 360 deals
rappers signed to 360 deals Rappers signed to 360 deals
rappers signed to 360 deals Rappers signed to 360 deals

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