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The 5fps burst-shooting mode is respectable too, and while the the shot battery is a little on the low side — no doubt a concession made to get the camera so small — you can at least usefully charge it up via its USB port.

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Overall, a unique, well-priced proposition for the first-time mirrorless user looking to travel light. Superzoom compact Sensor: No Max burst speed: Most manufacturers have shifted their focus to the top end of the compact market, which means there's not as much choice as there used to be here. Nevertheless, Canon's While many other cameras at this level are fairly pedestrian in what they offer, the PowerShot SX HS's big draw is its 25x optical zoom, which offers a focal range equivalent to mm in 35mm terms — and this is, thankfully, bolstered by Canon's Intelligent Image Stabiliser.

Sure, it'd be nice to have a touchscreen and a more recent processing engine, but these are far from essential on such a camera. Are the best compacts as good as DSLRs and mirrorless cameras? EVF, 1. Full HD User level: If you have a slightly more accommodating budget, the Panasonic ZS50, also known as the TZ70, is well worth considering over the Canon above.

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Not only do you get the advantage of a broader zoom range that ends at a mammoth mm 35mm-equivalent setting, but you also benefit from a built-in electronic viewfinder — very useful in harsh light. Panasonic has even provided focus peaking for precision when manually focusing and time-lapse video option, and even Raw shooting although this is arguably less significant on a camera with such a small sensor.

On that subject, don't let the sensor's Full HD video recording to 60p, effective Hybrid O. If you don't need the latest tricks, Sony's first 1in-sensor RX model should make your shortlist. Compact Sensor: Sony's original RX was released all the way back in , but the fact that you can still pick one up brand new says a lot.

Blending a The series has since welcomed four further iterations, and these have all been very well received, but in terms of value for money the original model is still difficult to argue with. Sure, its age means it misses out on a few newer technologies, but you get Steady-Shot image stabilisation, 10fps burst shooting, Full HD video to 60p and a control ring around the lens for more immediate changes to key settings. With a 1in sensor, a wide-aperture superzoom lens and 4K video, the FZ is an absolute bargain. Supzerzoom compact Sensor: One of the pricier cameras on this list, but the FZ offers such superb value for money that it simply can't be omitted.

On top of the very solid foundation of a Videos are captured in both 4K and Full HD quality, with a fps setting in Full HD for slow-motion output, together with advanced options such as zebra patterning and even a 3. Can you find another camera that can provide all of that for the same money? This kit at Walmart includes two zoom lenses and a carry case — great if you want to cover all eventualities without emptying your bank account.

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Get it here Deal subject to availability View Deal. A great-value all-in-one that would be particularly ideal for the first-time user. Deal here View Deal. UK Edition. Cheap camera deals in Jump straight to the section you want with these quick links: This handsome OM-D model marries masses of features with plenty of physical control. For its entry-level asking price, the A packs a raft of mid-range features.

A whole lot of zoom and a handful of extra sweeteners for a very reasonable asking price. See more Buying Guide buying-guides. Related articles Nikon Z 6 and Z 7 major firmware updates coming soon Lenses for landscapes! Canon EF Screen: It features the classic EOS 5D control system, which is intuitive and easy to live with, and the image quality is simply stellar.

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If you need really clean, low-noise images more than — even at high ISO settings — more than you need outright resolution, the Nikon D is a better choice than the D at number 1 in this list. The point autofocus system is highly proficient and metering is very reliable. The best Nikon D deals right now.

The megapixel count rises from Maximum continuous drive increases from 4. Also read: Built like a tank and almost as heavy, the Canon EOS-1D X Mark II nevertheless has sublimely natural handling, thanks to its built-in vertical grip and meticulously duplicated control buttons and dials. Like the competing Nikon D5, see number 11 in this list it sacrifices megapixels for outright speed. Images remain impressively noise-free even at very high ISO settings, making this one of the best pro DSLR cameras you can buy right now.

APS-C Megapixels: Nikon DX Screen: The Nikon D packs most of the best specifications and features from the pro-grade Nikon D into a smaller and lighter consumer-class body. As such, it has a more enthusiast-level control layout, and the body shell is based on carbon-fibre composite, rather than including magnesium alloy parts.

However, you get the same The maximum drive rate is also slower, but still pretty brisk at 8fps. The D is an extremely well-judged balance between cost and features for enthusiast photographers and has a weighty balance with bigger lenses that mirrorless cameras don't quite match. Nikon D review. Both versions of the camera have an upgraded smooth-action shutter unit to avoid resolution being degraded by camera vibrations.

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The downsides of all the extra megapixels include a relatively limited ISO range with increased image noise at high ISO settings and a sluggish 5fps maximum drive rate. Canon EF-S Screen: Dual DIGIC 6 processors help with the fast throughput of data, and the buffer is big enough to enable top-speed shooting for 31 frames in its Raw mode, or enough JPEG images to fill your memory card. It is starting to lag behind its rivals, just a little, especially if you include mirrorless cameras in the mix.

With the telephoto-boosting 1. It's built to last, and prices have stayed high to reflect that. It has a greater megapixel count of Advanced features and slick controls make the EOS 80D well suited to enthusiast photographers. Canon EOS 80D review. The design also accommodates an oversized battery with the stamina for 3, shots from a single charge. Rapid drive rates keep up with the fastest sports and wildlife action, as well as enabling you to capture fleeting expressions or nail a definitive moment in unpredictable shooting scenarios.

The frame rate tops out at 12fps but you can boost it to 14fps if you can live with the mirror being locked up after the first shot in a sequence. The flip side is that the megapixel count is relatively low by current standards, at There are mirrorless full frame models that can match or exceed the D5's frame rate, but electronic viewfinder technology is still trying to catch up with the fluid, lag-free view of an optical viewfinder for fast-moving sports photography.

Pentax K Screen: It also has highly effective sensor-shift image stabilisation system that works with any attached lens, unlike competing Canon and Nikon DSLRs.

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Better still, the 5-axis stabilizer can work in trick modes to deliver anti-aliasing correction, an increase in fine detail and texture based on Pixel Shift through multiple exposures, and even an Astrotracer mode to avoid stars appearing to streak through the sky. With a 36MP full-frame image sensor, the K-1 Mark II certainly gives you a lot of megapixels for the money, but the point autofocus system feels dated, and Live View autofocus is poor. Continuous drive is sluggish at 4. Pentax K-1 Mark II review.

SLT Sensor: Sony A Screen: OLED Max burst speed: With no flapping mirror, the full-frame Sony Alpha A99 Mark II is certainly a smooth operator, and somewhat unique in combining a fast 12fps drive rate with a high megapixel count of The hybrid autofocus system combines a point phase-detection module with paired pixel sites on the image sensor. Sony A99 II review. Regular phase-shift autofocus has 27 AF points, all but two of which are cross-type.

Its appeal lies largely in its rugged build, innovative photographic controls and Pentax heritage. Pentax KP review. UK Edition. Image 1 of 4 On a mobile device?

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Swipe left. Image 2 of 4. Image 3 of 4. Image 4 of 4. This Nikon delivers high-megapixel photography with an impressive turn of speed. Image 1 of 8 On a mobile device? Image 2 of 8. Image 3 of 8.

best dslr camera deals usa Best dslr camera deals usa
best dslr camera deals usa Best dslr camera deals usa
best dslr camera deals usa Best dslr camera deals usa
best dslr camera deals usa Best dslr camera deals usa
best dslr camera deals usa Best dslr camera deals usa
best dslr camera deals usa Best dslr camera deals usa

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