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You finished in 1 minute and 14 seconds. Your final reward is 4, neopoints.

Faerieland Employment Agency: Guide to Riches

You get a bonus for doing it faster than the time listed. The quicker the better! If you are planning to be in the top 50 workers, it's going to take a while. The top pet has done about 18, jobs. But who knows? Maybe you could be next! I'm taking a big step here. I don't even know if I'll be able to do some of my tricks anymore!

But I've made an enormous profit from the Faerieland Employment Agency. If you look at my profile, you'll see that my Usul has done under one hundred jobs. But, in my short one month on this account, I already have , neopoints!

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In the past, I have done over 1, jobs, so I have experience. I have some guidelines that are always successful. And I'm about to share them with you. Slow and steady doesn't win the race here. The faster you finish the job, the more neopoints you get. You know how the list of jobs refreshes at the 10 of every hour? You know,: A lot of people don't realize that, which saves you a lot of time.

Before I start even waiting for the clock, I like to have the shop wizard and my bank account open.

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Then, I copy the name of the item on to the shop wizard. I like to start at the end of the list, and then look for the most expensive job. Like I said, not many people know about this either. You can choose to go to the next ten jobs, or you can go to the end.

Marapets Restocking Guide 2017

Because not many do this, I have a few more seconds to pick a job. After you pick a job, look over your guidelines. By dragonlady , November 7, in Neopets Help.

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You can buy them from user's shops or for the more expensive ones, the trading post. Also I think some of the wheels give them out.


The Knowledge and Extravagance wheels are the specific wheels that can give out job coupons. To be honest, though, I would recommend sticking to the basic jobs that don't require coupons - the cheapest ones aside from any you might get once in a blue moon from the Wheel of Knowledge cost about 60k, and the rewards for super jobs are usually much less than that.

It's beyond frustrating. Most of the time I get the darned "? I've only done basic jobs myself. Some of them have nearly and OVER 20, jobs completed! Which means they've done jobs just about every day, for OVER 12 years! Or at least their number 1 Employee has! Basic jobs are a decent way to make NP depending on the market and how much certain items sell for in user shops. Job Coupons came in seven colours, from lowest to highest: All rights reserved.

How to get a Job Coupon A job coupon can be used for any job that requires a coupon of that colour or lower; for example, you can use a Red coupon for a Green, Blue, or Red job, but not for a Silver or higher job. How to apply for a job go into the jobs page, and you will see the list of jobs, it is the same type of list, in basic and super See the list of jobs, it could be a game or getting items, before choosing, make sure you have enough time and in some cases neopoints, to be able to complete the job..

Getting the items for the job Just like finding the coupons, players shops are the cheapest and quickest way to find the items you need, also the Trading Post and Auction. Giving the items to the Employment agency Make sure they are in your inventory and the reward is worth it go to the agency and click on status, to complete the job, the reward will automatically be awarded.

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