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Top Tips for Saving Money on a Contract Phone

Do you really need 20GB of data?

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Most people don't use anywhere near that amount. We provide free advice to all customers who are unsure and the handy Bill Monitor will analyse your bills from the last three months to determine your average usage and suggest deals. Thirdly, you need to decide on a network operator. Look at which operators offer the best prices on the size of contracts you're looking for with the handset that you want, and that's it, you're done. If you decide to take your contract phone shopping offline onto the high street, then don't fall for the hard sell in-store by commission-hungry salespeople. Never feel pressured into signing a contract and do your research online first, so you know what prices are achievable.

The easiest way is to use our comparison tool which covers the entire UK mobile phone market including every network operator and reseller. Occasionally the reseller sites can offer better deals not available elsewhere, but make sure they're a legitimate outfit.

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If they're not on our provider's list , the chances are we don't know enough about them to feel confident recommending them. When your phone contract comes to an end, the provider will usually get in contact with you to get you to upgrade to a new handset. This will tie you in for another 24 months. It's easy to be lured in by the convenience of it all and the promise of a great deal. The sad reality is that for the most part, you'll be paying far more than a new customer would be.

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Put simply, the retailers never have your interests at heart, like car insurance renewals, they are banking on you not moving to a new deal or even looking at prices elsewhere. Do not be afraid to haggle or vote with your feet, shifting your number to a new network has never been easier. If you're dead set on choosing a new smartphone, don't be suckered in by the marketing hype. There are lots of great options out there that aren't made by Apple. Even if you only want an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, consider going for a model that has been on the market for 12 months.

The previous generation is always cheaper and virtually identical in specification. It's also worth considering a refurbished phone. The name is slightly misleading as they are often handsets that have been returned by customers without ever being used. Since the box is open, they are available at a reduced price. You can use the filters on our comparison tool to filter between only new, only refurbished or show both. Through legislation, the mobile networks are allowed to increase your monthly tariff price by up to the rate of inflation each year.

This is only if their terms and conditions stated this before you signed up. All the major networks except Tesco Mobile have this policy. Changes are made under the Retail Prices Index a measure of inflation in March each year. Some firms will choose not to exercise their right. Given that most pay monthly deals come with a high-value smartphone as part of the deal, all providers will carry out a credit check before approving you.

So if you have been struggling with poor credit, you might want to check your credit score before applying. Nobody can tell you beforehand whether or not you'll pass a credit check for a contract phone, but it will give you a general idea of your score and any problems. If you are unsure, you can always apply and see what happens. If you were declined then don't keep reapplying elsewhere, instead look into pay as you go sim deals that come with prepaid bundled deals, these are known as no credit check SIM's and other than simple checks against fraud they are a guaranteed pass.

It's possible to save more with cashback but they're not always straightforward. We've explained the common pitfalls in our in-depth cashback guide but in short, there are two types to be aware of:.

The best Samsung Galaxy S9 deals in February | TechRadar

Redemption deals require you to send off your bills at regular intervals throughout your contract to get paid in instalments. Miss a deadline or send the wrong bill and you'll lose out on the cashback. Automatic deals work by sending you a cheque automatically within a few months of taking out the deal. The savings aren't as good as redemption deals but there's no chance of things going wrong. Our comparison filter lets you show deals that come with redemption or automatic cashback deals.

You can also exclude them altogether.

You will need to think about a couple of other things, though. First, most operators are offering 4G data on their contract phone plans these days but not all. If in doubt, use a coverage checker to find if you're going to get good 4G coverage. You may also be offered a choice of contract lengths. Usually, more extended contracts are a bit cheaper each month, but you will be committed for a longer period. Finally, it's always worth being a little flexible about the handset that you want, since prices can vary quite a bit between models and network providers.

Having a couple of options will mean that you have more choice and are more likely to get a cheaper monthly bill. In a nutshell, a pay monthly contract phone gives you flexibility, easy payments, and larger monthly allowances. It also means you can get the latest phone without having to pay for it outright. But as we've mentioned, it's not the cheapest way of doing things. Our most popular deals are the standard pay monthly deals that combine a set amount of minutes, text messages and data. You'll find a number of deals in our comparison engine that come with free gifts from smaller accessories bundled in like Bluetooth speakers to larger items like games consoles or laptops.

These deals can look appealing on the face of it, but remember, in most cases, you will be paying for the gift as part of the monthly contract payments. You can read more about free gift deals in our explainer post and how to figure out if they represent good value for money.

If you want it instantly, we compare auto-cashback deals that get paid into your account instantly. This opens the possibility of making some bigger savings.

Read more: Cashback Mobile Phone Deals Explained. Luckily the customer service team here at TigerMobiles. Well here you are, the Samsung Galaxy S9. This was one of our favourite devices of last year and it continues to hold that position in If you're thinking of getting a new S9 then you're in luck, now is a great time to get one with the Galaxy S10 just around the corner, prices on the S9 have dropped significantly. There was a point not too long ago where the S9 became cheaper than the Galaxy S8, crazy we know!

Google Pixel 3

But that time seems to be gone now and we're left with just a distant memory of those times. If you want a super cheap Galaxy phone then we suggest going for a Samsung Galaxy S8 deal but if you're willing to pay a bit more for a newer greater device you're in the right place.

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You can compare Galaxy S9 deals and get the best data, call and text allowance for for your needs using our daily refreshed comparison chart. Or scroll down to our handpicked S9 deals below to see which are the hot ones you should take advantage of now. And for the lowdown on the fantastic flagship phone from Samsung, scroll even further for our whistle-stop review below or just head to our Samsung Galaxy S9 review here.

The Galaxy S9 is certainly a great phone, now use our chart to compare deals and get a great price Screen size: Android 8 Oreo RAM: So it's finally here, and our general impressions are predictably positive. The Samsung Galaxy S9 is really all about the camera, with most of the unveiling ceremony concentrating on the improvements that have been made to the front and rear snappers. It comes out of the box running off Android's latest Oreo operating system and a new chipset should make your using experience as swift as possible.

mobile phone deals on orange with free gifts Mobile phone deals on orange with free gifts
mobile phone deals on orange with free gifts Mobile phone deals on orange with free gifts
mobile phone deals on orange with free gifts Mobile phone deals on orange with free gifts
mobile phone deals on orange with free gifts Mobile phone deals on orange with free gifts
mobile phone deals on orange with free gifts Mobile phone deals on orange with free gifts
mobile phone deals on orange with free gifts Mobile phone deals on orange with free gifts
mobile phone deals on orange with free gifts Mobile phone deals on orange with free gifts

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