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Contact Us by text message: Microbus VW I. Request Free Quote. We helped more than 50, customers save money First Est. About Us Broadspeed was first established in - we've been continuously online since Request Callback. We'll set out the deal by email then await your instructions to go ahead with a Main Dealer introduction there are no fees and no obligation at this stage.

We MAKE quick and simple - you can visit the car showroom - just search online for 'Section 75' and 'Distance Selling Regulations' which provides far better protection for the buyer. If you require a PCP quote, this is generally sent to you by the Dealership - though we may well have sent you the best PCP deals we found, in advance. To be clear, the car you buy from our Main Agent will be identical to the BMW 3-Series car for sale at your local showroom but costing far less. Just because we've negotiated a discount, don't think that a cheap BMW 3-Series car deal means you receive poor service, warranty - or local dealer back-up.

We only publish discounts that we believe are actually available. Prices are based on: BMW 3-Series prices on the web site are therefore broadly accurate and usually available to you. That said, please keep in mind that we are a Middle Man, not a Dealer. It's easy to confirm that a priced deal is available - all you have to do is ask us to check it - which is usually done in moments whilst you are on the phone. To confirm, just call us on - or text 'callme' to for a prompt call back. These are really a "dressed up discount" and can dramatically distort a deal if you don't know how to use the rules to your advantage.

So, if you've given up trying to understand what you are being offered by a local showroom, just ask us to send you the "real deal" - the figures without the fog and mis-direction! Once you understand the bare bones of the deal, we'll simply introduce you to a convenient and "straight talking" new BMW 3-Series dealer who will also offer cheap Ex-Demo and Nearly-New BMW 3-Series cars if you prefer?

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There is nothing to pay us until you actually place an order with the dealer we introduce. Our online BMW 3-Series prices and email quotes also include a dealer success fee paid to us by the dealer - it's never added on top. The dealer success fee is included within any price you see on this site or is quoted by us. Sometimes, specific dealers ask that our success fee is paid by you; in this instance, we deduct it from the agreed price and you pay the dealer that amount lessless. That big volume gives us significant leverage.

New [Make Model] imports are no longer cheaper with the weak 'Brexit Pound'. Extra discounts may be available on ex-stock 'Nearly New' and Pre-Registered [Make Model] Cars - just ask for availability and the best price. Click Here to Close X. Privacy Policy: Broadspeed Ltd retains your personal details for the minimum period necessary to carry out your instructions and requirements this is typically days, and no more than 60 days. Thereafter, your personal details are deleted. We do not share your details with any third party without your expressed permission or instructions.

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We do not sell personal details to any third party for any reason. We will not email, text or call you unless you give us permission to do so and only in connection with your enquiry. If you have any concerns or questions about privacy, please dial and ask to speak to our Privacy Officer or Managing Director.

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Your agreement to comply with and be bound by these terms and conditions is deemed to occur upon your first and subsequent use of the Web Site. As such, all prices, discounts, deals or offers must be checked and confirmed with the Dealer before you proceed in any way. Please do not rely solely on this site to place your order. Always double check on the manufacturer's web site and brochure and talk to the dealer before making a firm decision to order.

Your use of this web site to obtain indicative pricing automatically authorises us to provide you with informal online quotes. Your agreement to this means that there is no obligation on or cost to any party until you actually place an order with the dealer we introduce. Our web prices are checked regularly and are nearly always accurate. They are based on what a customer actually paid or on an established trade supplier's recent offer.

Once we introduce the dealer and you complete their order process, you'll pay a deposit to the dealer. However, please be aware that discounts can change up until you complete the dealer order process. There are four distinct elements to a completed order: Only once all four steps are complete can the ordered specification, the discount, the price and details be considered firm.

Please do not rely solely on a specification, price or deal listed on our website. We strongly advise you phone us on to check that a specific price remains available. Once you decide to proceed with an order, we'll confirm the price in writing, together with availability or lead time - and any conditions that may influence a decision.

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A payment or card number demonstrates your readiness to proceed dealers only really fully discount when they are confident of an order. In this instance, we always say who will charge you, how much and when - in advance - then wait for your agreement before completing the process. Once you tell us to proceed with the dealer introduction process, we confirm the exact price in writing then introduce you to the cheapest dealership in your county or region.

Once you proceed with the dealer introduction ie: Once your order is complete and a deposit is paid, dealers pay us a success fee this is included within the web site price, not added on top. Some dealers may ask for this fee to be paid to us, directly. With so many great cars included within the brand, it is safe to say there is a BMW for every driver, from business to family or just getting out onto the road, browse our extensive range of BMW lease deals below and drive your dream car home with Nationwide Vehicle Contracts.

For more than 40 years, the BMW 5 Series has been the go-to executive range for customers with an enthusiasm for driving. An incredibly comfortable car with space that compares well against the 7 series. With its unusual design and lively performance, BMW's new-age i3 supermini is a breath of fresh air in the all-electric car segment. Futuristic from the outside, intuitive from the inside, BMW's i8 is the ultimate plug-in hybrid sports car.

Who said electric cars are boring? The BMW M2 may be the smallest M car in the range, but its six-speed gearbox and sporty exterior make it more than worthy of the badge. Boasting a new name, a new engine and an exterior facelift, the new BMW M4 is more powerful, faster, lighter and cleaner-looking than ever before.

About Leasing a BMW 3 SERIES

With the space and flexibility to hold even the most adventurous family, the BMW X1 is perfect for short or long trips. With new levels of refinement, ride quality and style, the third generation BMW X3 looks set to freshen up the compact luxury crossover SUV market.

With more than 2. A great addition to the large SUV market, with lots of space and great ability to go off-road if required; one to watch in the luxury SUV market. A strong performing yet comfy 2-seater roadster equipped with a metal folding roof. Take our brief interactive questionnaire to find out if you are likely to be accepted for personal leasing finance.

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The new BMW e plug-in hybrid saloon offers more efficiency, an increased electric-only range and more power with standard-fit performance-boosting technology. The new X7 model offers exclusivity, spaciousness, superior quality, strong performance, agile handling and off-road capability.

DO NOT Buy or Lease the 2018 BMW 3 SERIES UNTIL YOU WATCH THIS! (MA Car Broker) (MA Car Broker)

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